Three Products for Recoating your RV roof are available:

Liquid Roof® F9991

Liquid Roof® provides more benefits to the RV industry than any other liquid coating on the market.  RV manufacturers have been using white single ply EPDM rubber for many years.  These units are now experiencing chalking and occasional damage. Liquid Roof®is the best and most cost effective product on the market for solving these problems.

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Liquid Propoly

Liquid Propoly is used on an RV when customers want less dirt retention, a high gloss, or use their RV’s as a spectator platform.

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EPDM Liquid Rubber®

Liquid Rubber has the same  chemical make up as Liquid Roof and therefore can be used for applications where you would use Liquid Roof.  The differences between the two are a slight color difference, where you can purchase the product and warranty.

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