Four versions of EPDM Liquid Rubber are available:

Original EPDM Liquid Rubber®

Liquid Rubber is the world’s only true EPDM rubber in liquid form. Liquid Rubber provides a seamless, single coat roof coating that can be applied up to 6 times thicker than your standard elastomeric. Liquid rubber is ideal for recoating EPDM roof membranes, troweled concrete, weathered metal roofing, foam, weathered siding and more! Liquid Rubber will withstand ponding water or immersion indefinitely and Liquid Rubber can be installed over lightly rusted surfaces without a primer. Uncured Liquid Rubber will not be damaged by freezing temperatures.

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Low VOC EPDM Liquid Rubber®

Retains all of the properties of Original Liquid Rubber but complies with the South Coast Air Quality Management District VOC limits. Can be applied over rubber, metal, fiberglass, fabric and concrete. Suitable for ponding water or continuous total immersion. One Coat Application, available in White, packaged in 5 gallon pails with the catalyst included.

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EPDM Rubber Sealant®

EPDM Rubber Sealant is a two component 100% EPDM product which is trowel applied and cures at ambient temperatures. It is designed for use as a heavy duty sealant to protect against water intrusion on protective enclosures; as a formed in place tank liner for chemical resistance or to create custom gaskets to seal out water and a wide range of chemicals and acids in specialized equipment.

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Liquid Roof®

Now you too can enjoy the many benefits of a weather-tight RV rubber roof. Liquid Roof forms a 100% chemically-cured seamless membrane every bit as solid and attractive as factory installed sheet rubber. And you can install an entire new rubber roof yourself, or make repairs to your existing roof, quickly and easily. Liquid Roof’s simple one-coat application saves you time and money, sealing and protecting your RV from water damage and fuel guzzling drafts. No other product can match the durability of EPDM Rubber.

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