Pro Guard is Currently Offering 8 Choices for Quality Floor Coatings….

ProFloor® Epoxy 2100 Series

This product is a proven industry standard concrete floor coating.  It is a tough coating that can be used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, hangars, food processing plants, kitchens and garages.

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F6800 Series Water Based Epoxy Coatings

Utilize the latest developments in epoxy resin technology that now equals the performance of conventional resins.  Additional  advantages include being able to apply it  to damp surfaces, a six hour pot life and will generally cure in 4-5 hours making it  possible to apply two coats in one day and permit use of the floor after 24hours.

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Liquid Propoly

Liquid ProPoly® was formulated to incorporate the latest advancements in polymer  technology. The objective was to develop a coating with superior durability that could be used on roofs, walls or foot traffic decks, had a 1 to 2 hour pot life plus a fast cure.  This universality reduces product selection to choosing a color. Non skid properties are obtained by incorporating the Anti-Skid Additive

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Sport Surface

SportSurface® Rubber Sealer is flexible and strong enough to survive the compression and recovery forces that a composite rubber surface undergoes.  SportSurface® Rubber Sealer  prevents the absorption of dirt and water by the rubber mat keeping it sanitary and easier to clean.  Interior and exterior applications.   Especially suitable for preserving the existing color and pattern of the mat.

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Composite Deck Restoration

The Deck Renewal System consists of a 2200 Epoxy Primer and a 5600 Series Top Coat.  These Top Coats are a specially-formulated, tough yet very flexible aliphatic polyurethane.  The Deck Renewal System was developed as a long-lasting coating alternative to wood stains but which can also be used on PVC and wood/plastic composite decking.  It will provide many years of fade resistant tough wear.

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RFU Rubber Filled Urethane

Pro Guard Coatings has developed a product which can best be described as a liquid applied membrane coating. It combines a very flexible and tough 2 part Aliphatic Urethane with fine particles of of ground tire rubber.

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Proflex Flexible Epoxy® F1508

This product is a unique, extremely flexible, two-component, gray epoxy membrane. It is solvent free and exhibits excellent tensile strength and elongation under ambient as well as colder temperatures.

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ProFlex Primer Clear® F1500

This product is 100% solids for low odor during installation.  It is self-priming and leveling on properly prepared surfaces when sufficient material is applied.  It fills depressions, spalled areas, cracks and absorbs movement to help prevent reflective cracking.

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