Specialty Coatings:

RFU Rubber Filled Urethane

Pro Guard Coatings has developed a product which can best be described as a liquid applied membrane coating.  It combines a very flexible and tough 2 part Aliphatic Urethane with fine particles of recycled ground tire rubber.  This product is designed to produce a thick membrane and can be applied over just about any stable substrate, even a flexible one.

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SportSurface® Rubber Sealer

SportSurface® Rubber Sealer is flexible and strong enough to survive the compression and recovery forces that a composite rubber surface undergoes.  SportSurface® Rubber Sealer  prevents the absorption of dirt and water by the rubber mat keeping it sanitary and easier to clean.  Interior and exterior applications.   Especially suitable for preserving the existing color and pattern of the mat.

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Low VOC EPDM Liquid Rubber

Retains all of the properties of Original Liquid Rubber but complies with the South Coast Air Quality Management District VOC limits.  Can be applied over rubber, metal, fiberglass, fabric and concrete.  Suitable for ponding water or continuous total immersion.  One Coat Application, available in White, packaged in 5 gallon pails with the catalyst included.

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EPDM Rubber Sealant F9921

EPDM Rubber Sealant is a two component 100% EPDM product which is trowel applied and cures at ambient temperatures. It is designed for use as a heavy duty sealant to protect against water intrusion on protective enclosures; as a formed in place tank liner for chemical resistance or to create custom gaskets to seal out water and a wide range of chemicals and acids in specialized equipment.

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Liquid Propoly

Liquid ProPoly® coatings were formulated to incorporate the latest advancements in polymer technology. The objective was to develop a coating with superior durability that could be used on roofs, walls or foot traffic decks, had a 1 to 2 hour pot life plus fast cure.   This universality reduces product selection to choosing a color. Nonskid properties are obtained by incorporating the Anti-Skid Additive prior to application.

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