Industrial Coatings:

Pro Guard Epoxy 2228

Excellent for swimming pools. For use on metal and concrete surfaces subject to continuous or intermittent immersion. May be used for cold or hot water up to 200 degrees F.  As a protective liner for tanks and impoundments in sewage and water treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, and processing industries. Resistant to abrasion, splash and spillage of alkalis, various oils as well as most solvents.  May be used as a maintenance coating, with proper surface preparation, to upgrade previously coated surfaces without removing the old finish.

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Pro Guard Epoxy 2468

This product is a two component, 100% solids epoxy system for high-build protection of many substrates. Its ease of use and application, coupled with its excellent protective properties, makes Pro Guard Epoxy 2468 a good choice for coating structural substrates in less than perfect environmental conditions, including dry or damp concrete or in temperatures between 40 and 50 deg. F. Pro Guard Epoxy 2468 possesses exceptional bond strength with concrete.

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